Birthday! Holidays! Illness!

Birthday! Holidays! Illness!

❄️ DECEMBER the best month of the year! Why you ask?

  1. It’s my birthday month, 🎂
  2. the month of good cheer, 🎄
  3. and the last month before a brand new year! 🎉


There’s nothing better than a December Sagittarius! 😉 I celebrated my big 25 in a whole pandemic but I made the best of it with my closest family and friends. To commemorate my Silver jubilee, I had my very first (and possibly last cuz your girl is awkward) PHOTOSHOOT! My bf really knows how to flick the camera up 😊. 


This year, we decided to shake things up for Christmas. Instead of staying home and opening gifts, we skipped the gifts and did Christmas on the Beach! We rented a really nice beach house in Ocean City and enjoyed quality family time, food, games, and movies. At least that’s what we we were hoping for until I got sick and took some people down with me 😪. Regardless! Still no regrets! We had a great time and the weather was pretty sunny and warm - it was giving fall weather!


I have clearly been absent from my Ashan Holistics social media for some time now. In the beginning, it was purposeful, a social media break was needed. 1 week went by, then 2, and then I realized I was unmotivated and scared to get back on to post content. And to make matters worse, I got really sick during Christmas time and couldn’t do anything for days. Now that I’m recovering (feeling 70%), I am slowly gaining back my creativity juices!

My time away from social media hasn’t been fruitless. I promise! I have some AMAZING videos and professional pics to share as well as new products! A shift has occurred, and I’m currently in the process to refine and focus the lens. #vision #trusttheprocess #goodthingstaketime

Until next time!