Consistency is the Key 🔑

Consistency is the Key 🔑

It's 11:38pm est on November 10th, 2021. Sadly, this is exactly 1 year since my very first blog post. Which also means I've been in business for a little over a year now! I didn't even make a blog post on my anniversary date (August 19th) -- SMH.

In all seriousness, despite not being consistent with my blog and many other business things 😅, I am still very proud of myself for all of the work I've put into my business so far. There have been many moments were I slowed down or even stopped and that is OK! I'm new here and I'm learning. I'm excited for where year 2 will take me. I know that God and the universe have a great plan for me. It's just up to me to stay consistent

I am publicly setting a goal for myself for everyone to see!

GOAL: To post at least once a month on my blog

P.S. These blogs won't follow a specific format. I will use this space to connect with my customers and honestly check-in with myself in a more relaxed setting. This blog space is a place for me to dump my thoughts, emotions, and record my journey. Welcome aboard! Take a seat, relax, and enjoy!


Shanice 🌻