crazy tingz are happenin'

crazy tingz are happenin'

🌱 this is quick blog. . . 🌱 it's more of a self-checkin 🌱

the first month of the new year has officially come to an end. honestly, this is the fastest January has ever passed. is it just me or does January typically feel like 2 months?! 😩

👩🏾‍💻i did some proper goal setting earlier this month. i set a few major pillars that I wanted to see myself improve in:

  • physical (e.g. achieve pre-covid weight)
  • spiritual (e.g. daily devotion)
  • Ashan Holistics (e.g. sales goals)
  • financial (e.g. $15-20k salary increase) ((yes, I enjoy working 9-5 while also running my business!))
  • self-care (e.g. quick weekend trips)
  • intelligence (e.g. getting back into reading for leisure)

from there, i set quarterly benchmarks to meet + measurable steps to achieve them.

✨ i also bought a really cool agenda/journal that has a built in habit tracker and space for a vision board!✨

👏🏾 and just like that, i made my sales goal for the month and have been contacted by recruiters and hiring managers left and right. your girl got optionsss! 31 days into the new year.

just by sitting with myself and truly asking what is that i want.

alexa, play crazy tings by Tems 🎶💃🏾