Decisions. Decisions.

Decisions. Decisions.

With working from home for 2 years due to a global pandemic, family health matters, and my own mental health struggles, I came to the decision that my business is not one of those needs I can truly fulfill right now. At least not in my current condition. 

Have you ever heard of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs? [Refer to picture]. As you can see, the highest level of need is self-actualization. In that level, there are things like creativity and attaining your full potential. To get to that level, you MUST achieve and satiate ALL of the needs below it. In my mind, my business is on the highest level; however, I have faltered in achieving some of the more basic needs. 

Personally, the hardest and most uncomfortable part about my business is social media. I believe a lot of business owners can agree with this. Putting yourself, your skills, your art, etc. out for the world to judge can be scary. And to consistently do that is even scarier. And now, Instagram has made it very clear that to be THAT girl/business on their platform, you gotta start pumping out those reels baybeeee!! 

New things can be scary. Getting use to them takes time. And taking breaks are necessary and I shouldn't feel guilty doing so.

But don't you worry! I'll still be taking and packing orders, attending markets, running ads, and creating products behind the scenes. I am also getting a ton more of professional product photography done which should make it easier for my return to social media. You just won't see any new posts. I may or may not post some stories during my time away (TBD). 

What will I be doing as I step away from social media?

  • Spoiling myself silly: Facials. Massages. Acupuncture. New Wardrobe. Nails, Hair, Eyebrows done all the time. 
  • Continuing to get my body right: Weights, Boxing, Pilates. Hiking Trails. SLEEPING.
  • Continuing to listen to a plethora of books and podcasts on spiritual growth, love, investing, personal finance, and news around the world. 
  • Pray. Pray. Pray.  
  • Getting out and get dressed up more. Taking more pics to commemorate and freeze happy moments in time. (I tend to be camera shy).
  • Putting myself out there!
  • Going to ALL the restaurants, rooftops, gardens, hole in walls, etc. Trying more unique culture foods (Uzbek + Afghan are already on the list). 
  • Having 1 big/weekend travel trip a month through the end of the year. I've already planned May (Phoenix, AZ), June (Reho Beach Trip), July (Grenada), and November (Miami, FL), the rest TBD!
  • Allowing myself to have "Do Nothing" days without any regret or guilt.
  • Saying "No".