New Beginnings

New Beginnings

people come into your life for a season or a lifetime, it’s always with a purpose.
you live, learn, love, + grow

My goal for the first quarter of the year (business wise) was to finalize my pivot to focus on my skincare kits. With them finally launched, I am going to start putting seasonal and discontinued products on a discount (clearance).

Although some of your favorites will be leaving, it creates room for growth. And who knows, I may take a stab at recreating “new + improved” versions further down the line. But that’s TBD. 

Let’s talk more about the soaps. For the past 6 months I have been sharpening my soap making skills and let me tell you!!! This stuff isn’t easy! I have ruined so many batches and thrown money down the drain. It’s been exhausting. Every time I think I got it, I forget to put the essential oils in or I made the trace get too thick to handle or the powder I add changes the color of the soap completely!! It’s literally a SCIENCE lol. And let’s not get into these soap curing times. Since my soaps are cold process, they take weeks to cure before they can be used for optimal lather and benefit. 

I'm soooo excited for you all to get into these skincare sets! I can't wait to hear your feedback both good and bad!

Thanks for tuning in again for my monthly blog 😉