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Gel Follicle Booster

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This follicle boosting gel is a must have for anyone who wears protective braided styles, twists, and locs. This gel not only ensures that your hair is growing like wildfire while in its protective state but also ensures that your new growth is strong and healthy when it comes time to takedown the style. 

Is your hair braided down for a wig/weave? This product is for you!

Micro-twists? Box/Knotless Braids? Feed-in braids? Etc? This product is for you too!

Do you rock real or faux locs? This product is for you three!


MSM Sulfur Powder: an anti-inflammatory powder that has shown great potential in lab-based studies to regrow hair

Cucumbers: repairs thin hair, increases luster + shine,  calms an irritated scalp

Aloe Vera Gel: reduces itchiness, protects from UV damage, increases strength of hair


  • Part hair into small-medium sections
  • Apply sparingly to scalp
  • Massage for 1 minute 

Aloe Vera Gel, Cucumber, Distilled Water, MSM Sulfur Powder, & Essential Oil Blend

  • Before application, spray your roots + hair with our Hydra - Hair Mist.
  • After application, apply our That's All You - Hair Oil.   
  • This is water/gel product. If you plan to wear your hair out in a wash&go type style or straight, please take into account how quickly your hair reverts or shrinks with other water/gel based products you may use in your routine.